SRS Side Airbag Information

How to identify SRS Side Airbags in your car

Seat covers manufactured by Woolly Fleece Australia® are airbag compatible if required.

Most cars come with so many new features that it can be hard to keep track. SRS Side Airbags is one of them. The sales pitch of your car may boast 7+ Airbags, but not many of us really know where they are, what they look like, or how they work.

Rule of Thumb: Everywhere that the word “Airbag” is written/stamped into your car’s interior is where an airbag deploys from. You may have noticed the airbag stamp in centre of steering wheel, and airbag stamp in passenger dash.

But did you know that sometimes airbags are stored inside your seats?

SRS side airbags are airbags that are inside your seats. They are so strong that when they deploy they actually break through the seat’s upholstery.

As you can probably guess this is something we need to know about when making and fitting your seat covers. If you fit seat covers that are not airbag safe to your car it could restrict or alter the airbags natural deployment and in turn cause serious injury to the passengers.

Please refer to your vehicle handbook/manual to check if your car has side airbags. If you are still not sure bring your car in and we can have a look for you. (The airbag is located on the side of your seat closest to the door.)

All seat covers manufactured by Woolly Fleece Australia® are airbag compatible if required.


The pictures here show examples of tags and stamps that indicate if your car has SRS Side Airbags.

  1. Tag sewn into the seam of your seats upholstery (most common)
  2. A stamp imprinted into the plastic surrounds of your seat
  3. A sticker on the inside of the door frame
  4. A sticker on the outside of the car/door frame
  5. Leather or vinyl tag embossed into the seat fabric
  6. Hard plastic cap on side of seat

Car seat airbag allowanceWe will create an Airbag Hole in the side of your seat cover to allow the airbag to deploy safely. This system has not been tested, nor has it been approved by the Road Traffic Authority.

WARNING: If your seat cover should move or displace you must fit it back into its original place to ensure optimum safety. The Airbag Hole must not be sewn shut, or covered as this will stop the airbag from deploying safely. If for any reason the airbag fails to open, the manufacturer will not be held responsible.

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