Medical Aids - Sheep Skin Heel Protectors
Medical Aids - Sheep Skin Heel Protectors
Medical Aids - Sheep Skin Heel Protectors
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Medical Aids - Sheep Skin Heel Protectors

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Did you know… pressure injuries and bedsores are a few of the most preventable ailments you could encounter? Perhaps one of the most reliable solutions to this issue is applying sheepskin support right away. The comfort and warmth of sheepskins (especially for pressure injuries) are one of the best provisions of support and cushioning for bed-ridden or wheelchair-bound people. This allows the skin to stay protected and comfortable. Sheepskin commodities are being used extensively throughout the healthcare industry now.
Sheepskin is also commonly used for elderly and infants to help regulate body temperature & keeping them cool and comfortable.
Our team all have friends and family members who benefit from the use of sheepskin for medical purposes & we understand the helpfulness it provides.

Some of the natural benefits that wool fibers and sheepskin provide are listed below.

- The organic composition of wool fibers allows it to be soft and springy at the same time. The weight can then be distributed across the body to lessen the tension and pressure on prominent points.

- They do not impart friction on the skin like ordinary fabrics. Friction aggravates the skin and makes sores form. Sheepskin can get rid of this hazard.

- Sheepskin lets air flow over the skin. This provides more ventilation and breathability qualities for the skin keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.

- Wool fibers counter bacterial germination. This lowers the chance of blisters or sores developing from bacterial contagions on pressure points.

- Sheepskin keeps its warmth after absorbing varying quantities of moisture. For people who may perspire a lot, their skin can remain dry & comfortable.

These are some of the reasons for why vast amounts of both in & out of hospital patients are using sheepskin for medical purposes.

At Woolly Fleece we sell medical sheepskins as well as covers to all sorts of medical support devices including but not limited to,

> Wheelchairs (both partial and full covers)
> Walking frames (handles, seat, back)
> Crutch covers (under arms, hand grips)
> Medical rugs.
> Heel protectors.
> Mobility scooters.
> Mattress toppers.
> Sheepskin hand muff.
> Sleep apnea mask covers (the straps)
> Armrest covers, foot plate protectors, headrest covers.
> Wrist protectors.
> Recliner chair covers.

We custom make to your requirements in whatever colour you would like & of course will always prioritize things like wheelchairs as we understand you can’t be without them for too long.